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Relax with Kämp Spa's wellness treatments

Kämp Spa offers the possibility to organize customized wellness events for businesses, customers and groups that combine wellness treatments with modern lifestyle services suitable for both men and women.

Discover what Kämp Spa has to offer and contact us to create the perfect event tailored to your exact needs.

Corporate events
Bring your meeting at Kämp Group to the next level including a spa session on your agenda for your team day or customer event. Kamp Spa indulgent treatments and sauna facilities are ideal to relax and unwind after training sessions or seminars.

Wellness lectures
Combine you event at Kämp Spa with Anne Kukkohovi's expert lectures on fashion, wellbeing and healthy habits. As Kämp Spa's Wellness ambassador, Anne's expert insights and entertaining lectures are suitable for both men and women.

Organize an energizing sports moment at Kamp Spa's private gym. Recently renewed with Technogym equipment, offers the possibility to organize an instructed class for groups ideal gor leisure and health promotion days for corporations.  

Indulge in a healthy way
Hotel Kämp Chef Sauli Kemppainen has exclusively created a Spa Tapas platter with flavors of Finland's forests and the world's oceans, to indulge yourself with healthy flavours. Kämp Spa is also licensed for serving alcoholic beverages.

Sauna department
Enjoy the warmth of the sauna Spa Kamp an intimate sauna area with heated divans and three different saunas - steam sauna, turkish hammam and traditional Finnish sauna. The use of saunas is at your disposal before and after the treatments and fluffy bathrobes and slippers are available to use.

Gift cards
Say thank you to your customers and associates with a Kämp Spa gift card for a treatment or a value voucher with your desired amount. Gift cards are available to purchase online or at Kämp Spa premises. Visit our webstore

We recommend:

Kamp Spa Pampering and Indulgence Package:
Package price 150 € / person. The package includes:
• Kamp Spa treatments for men and women (50 min.)
• Sauli Kemppainen Spa Tapas lautanen. Tapaslautasella 4 savory and one sweet taste experience.
• Piccolo bottle of sparkling wine / person
• Stay Spa, heated divans and a beautiful sauna area


Kämp Spa Pampering package:
Package price 120 € / person. The package includes:
• Kamp Spa recommended treatments for men and women (50 min.)
• Piccolo bottle of sparkling wine / person
• Use of the saunas and  heated divans before and after the treatment


Information and Reservations
Anna-Kaisa Muukkonen, Assistant Spa Manager
let-kaisa.muukkonen @
Tel. (09) 5761 1330


Kmp Spa
Kluuvikatu 4B, 8th floo
Helsinki , 00100 Finland
+358 9 5761 1330

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Luxury day spa experience in the heart of Finland's capitol Helsinki.
Kluuvikatu 4B